We seed grass, pasture and alfalfa stands with this very precise prototype double Air seeder. This machine is capable of seeding even Brome grass seed in any dosage that is required and this without having to mix it with other seed. Both seeders are first calibrated through its board computer. This guarantees a uniform and precise seed application. Our tractor is guided by Autotrack with GPS SF2. There is no overlap. Experience has shown, that emerging stands are much faster in covering the surface of the soil because it is "full surface" air seeded. Observers mention, that grasses germinate more evenly. This helps in the prevention of weeds, soil erosion, drought, and sod damage from grazers. Forages containing more quality grasses are more palatable and better yielding. If you would like more information on our custom work rates and the endless possibilities of seeding different stands, please get in touch with us. Nature has never grown anything in rows!