We believe in a low-cost production tactic that respects nature and results in superior products for our consumers. We take an approach that must be sustainable in regards to the products consumed by families, to our business, and to the environment. Therefore we prefer to make milk from a field of forages by grazing the animals right where the grass grows. All this at a fraction of the cost while achieving higher quality, taking less risk, and improving soil health. By producing milk on grass, we are less dependant on farm inputs like fuel, fertilizer, grain, herbicides, and medication.

We asked ourselves many questions regarding animal health and behavior. All of the game herds in our country are much less influenced by humans than the dairy herds. Yet their health is far superior. Most farms try to make a profit while fighting lameness, low fertility rates, metabolic disorders and, not to forget, crippled animals. For every problem there is an additional input.

"The cattle business is very simple. The complicated part is to keep it simple!"

Our goal is to have as little interference with our animals' natural behavior as possible. As it turns out, our profits have increased while the production has adjusted to a natural level. Nature is smarter than all of us!