This is by far the nicest way of producing milk! We at Ferme Rêveuse thrive to produce milk the natural way. All our animals are raised on pasture. Cows consume pasture during the growing season to turn it into milk. Grass fed milk is superior to any conventional milk. It is higher in vitamins, omega 3 and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). The cows enjoy their life in nature and live longer for it. They like to express themselves, to run, scratch, and stretch. We believe pasture has much more potential than it is credited for. Our pasture acres are the most profitable acres on the farm, so we like to increase them if there is a demand. Pasture systems are not promoted by sales people, because they cannot make money on it.

The animal does not need anything other than...

  • Energy
  • Proteins
  • Mineral
  • Vitamins (from forage and the sun)
  • Fibre
  • Fresh Air
  • Light
  • Exercise
  • Sociaization among animals
  • Choice (plant diversity)
  • Space
  • Water and salt (the only supplies that have to be brought in)