Hydrac Hydrac

Hydrac Front Loader We are the Canada-wide distributor for Hydrac front-end loaders. If you ever wish to be able to remove and reinstall your loader with ease, then this is the loader for you!

This Loader from Hydrac can be completely removed from the tractor in less than 5 seconds and without leaving the tractor seat. This way, you can enjoy a lighter and easier-to-maneuvere tractor at any time. It improves comfort, safety, visibility, more-even ballasting capabilities, and wear and tear on the front axle. These are just a few of the many advantages. Your tractor becomes more flexible in use.

In addition, you can automatically attach or detach any loader attachments (from Hydrac or any other brand) from the tractor's seat. This includes the oil connections for the third function such as a bale grapple. See video below