Some facts about the farm:

  • A total of 330 acres
  • More than half of the surface is in intensively managed pasture
  • Depending on the season, we milk between 70 and 95 cows
  • Approximately 80 replacement animals are raised on the farm
  • All our animals are crossbreeds from Holsteins with Jerseys, Ayrshires, Montbelliardes, Swedish Reds, and Brown Swiss

We always have 3 groups of animals on the farm: milking cows, heifers and dry cows, and calves with prefresh cows. In the winter months all our animals have access to a bedding pack in the 3 different Cover-All buildings. Whenever possible, we keep feeding all our animals in the fields. During the growing season, all animals graze for their forage needs. The milking herd is milked in a swing 14 Dairymaster parlor. Our waiting room is outside. We found that money is better spent in something that gets the job done rather than in something for waiting. Olga milks our herd usually in less than 50 minutes.