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henry (quebec) said:August 23rd 2014 06:23:54 PM

A great farm but a very bad choice of brand of tractors.
Marie-Eve (St-Félicien) said:July 15th 2013 02:29:46 PM

Quoi dire de plus que : Wow!! Du début à la fin j'ai été impressionnée par leur mode de fonctionnement. Si près de la nature, mais en même temps très actuel dans leurs résultats. (On est loin de la vache à corne oubliée au fond du pâturage hein!) Vraiment chapeau pour ce que vous faites! Il nous reste de croutes à manger pour être autant efficaces que vous, mais c'est avec plaisir que nous suivrons vos traces! Un gros merci!
Jean-Marie Baril (Lac St-Jean) said:July 12th 2013 08:45:08 AM

Le passage à la ferme de Kornel et Olga est obligatoire pour ceux qui s'intéresse de près ou de loin à la gestion intensive des pâturages. Préparez-vous à être déstabilisé dans votre façon habituelle de faire de la production laitière. J'ai adoré ma journée et plusieurs idées sont à l'étude pour l'application sur notre entreprise. Merci beaucoup Kornel et Olga pour votre excellent accueil et pour votre ouverture à transmettre le fruit de vos expérience.
Chris Raynor, MD (Ottawa) said:November 21st 2012 01:41:25 PM

Kornel and Olga, What a wonderful website and what an even more wonderful and inspiring natural operation that you have. I am always amazed at how closely you have made your operation mimic what happens naturally in nature. Your technique produces a natural product that is free of additives and chemicals that ultimately would be passed along to the consumer. In a time when much of the food that we consume is extensively processed it is nice to know that people have access to natural healthy food products that are easily processed by the body into their valuable nutrients. Your operation, your lifestyle and your philosophy are an inspiration to us all. Looking forward to our next visit to the farm.
laura (warkworth,On) said:October 29th 2012 07:09:52 PM

great tour, workshop, lunch and learning opportunity on oct 23. Hope there will be more. thanks LG
Tony Joyal (Canada) said:October 15th 2012 09:19:51 AM

I enjoyed you website. I was nice clear and inviting. Excellent information. Love your work. Tony
Ron Ercolani (Colombia at the moment) said:September 6th 2012 07:53:46 PM

Kornel, I look at the feed lots in CA and I have to wonder if I were a cow where I´d like to be? No problem I´d sooner be grazing in your fields than a feed lot where my days are numbered and I suffer from problems with my hooves, legs and the rest of my body. Here in Colombia you´ll be happy to know that they do the same as you. Your site is extremely informative and I appreciated the education. Best Regards, Ron
walter & helen (Poltimore, Qc.) said:July 26th 2012 06:46:44 AM

A great web-site, lots of personal info giving everyone a glimpse into your beliefs. Someday I hope these farming practises will be the norm, rather than the exception here in Canada, nowhere else have we seen baby calves so happy (of course the cows also) !! Give Sabrina a hug from us :)
Kornel (Curran ON) said:July 23rd 2012 10:47:55 AM

We have been enjoying a very busy spring. With our baby daughter Sabrina giving us so much joy, it was easy not to count the hours in some long days. With 56 calvings since first of May, we have another 45 to calve until mid October. YES, we really enjoy feeding calves with the milkbar. Each year, we will narrow the calving period down, and soon all animals can calve in spring, just like nature intended. The animals health is impeccable. they live on a 100% grass ration. Zero grain! the current dry (drought) conditions are hampering production, but also re-enforce our beliefs, that we have to improve soil health, and increase organic matter (water retention). there is no better way to do this, then by grazing livestock!
Laura (Warkworth Ontario) said:March 24th 2012 12:30:58 PM

Welcome Baby! congratulation. I want to share a couple of lines with your readers from Joel Salatin's book 'folks this ain't normal' "No civilization can be healthier than the life energy in the food it eats. And even more fundamentally, no society can be economically or ecologically healthier than the soil on which it depends." "We as people can only be as vibrant as the vitality in the food we've [eaten]" Great stuff! thanks for your leadership.
Hubert & Eleanore (Cantley, Québec) said:February 27th 2012 09:55:22 AM

Your farm and your approach to low cost, environmentaly friendly dairy production could and should be used as a model for the future of all Canadian dairy farms. It is holistic and produces the most healthy milk with a minimum of outside inputs while allowing the herd to live as nature intended them to be. This is intelligent farm productiion. Congratulations & keep it up!
Bernhard und Yvonne said:February 20th 2012 11:27:02 PM

Hi there! A veeeeeeery biiiiig compliment for your absolutely great homepage!!!! There is everything you could ask for: Information, nice pictures, a marketplace and also facilities to contact you. Also the links are usefull and interesting. You really can be proud of it! A great homepage about a beautiful farm supported by a wonderful couple! We wish you all the best and Glück in Haus, Hof und Stall! Lots of love, Bernhard und Yvonne