Ferme Rêveuse is proud to produce tasty, wholesome pastured chicken during the summer months. REAL CHICKEN. chicken that had a live, could run, see the sun and go outside.

We have a license from Chicken Farmers of Ontario to produce 3000 artisanal chickens on pasture. These chickens are raised in groups of 500 in greenhouse style buildings. The buildings are moved every day to a fresh patch of grass. Chickens just love to eat fresh grass, scratch the soil, dig for worms and larva. Our birds have access to outside , and can seek shade or shelter in the greenhouse at any time. Over night, chickens are locked inside the structures for better protection from predators. To balance the diet, our chickens are fed a 100% plant based, conventional, grain mix.

Guaranteed NO antibiotics, NO hormones, NO animal byproducts!!

Our chickens are processed at a local, family owned, small size processing plant that is provincially inspected. All birds are then vacuum packaged and labeled. Back at our farm, we store the chickens in a sea-freight freezing container.

We deliver to Ottawa and surrounding areas at least once a week.

You can pre order all year round. Chickens are sold whole, or cut in half. We are asking $5.50 per lbs. If you are interested in FRESH chicken, please get in touch with us. We have 6 processing dates throughout the year. Chicken can be picked up FRESH, within 24 hours of processing. You must pre-order for fresh birds.

Every client is important to us, there is NO minimum order.

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Who serves Ferme Rêveuse chicken?

simple. humble. food. Relaxed atmosphere, minutes from Parliament hill, in the heart of downtown Ottawa. Offering globally inspired dishes, sourced with a local-first ethos, for lunch and dinner. A perfect spot to discover craft beer from the 613 and Ontario VQA wines.
The Red Apron creates fresh, delicious meals using local & organic ingredients and we are thrilled to be using Ferme Rêveuse chickens in some of our special dishes. Keeping your food dollars in our community boosts our local economy and helps to support hundreds of local employees, growers and producers. A sustainable Ottawa starts here! Visit our website at redapron.ca to view our menus.