About Us

I, Kornel, was born and raised on a dairy farm in Switzerland. My agricultural studies took place on two different farms and also in the classroom. To become more experienced, I worked as a trainee in Denmark and later in Canada. I had the desire to farm abroad. At the age of 23 I purchased this farm in eastern Ontario and named it "Ferme Rêveuse". Rêveuse was a calf given to me by my employer when I finished my first year of apprenticeship in the french part of Switzerland. It was the offspring of my favorite cow Gribouille.

In 1999 I met my future wife Olga on a trip to Ukraine. Olga did not have a farming background, but she did have a good University education in her home country. We complement each other very well. We are a strong team and enjoy working on and managing our farm together.

In the winter of 2010, I attended the "Ranching for Profit" school. That school has given me the tools to improve a business on all levels, concentrate on difference makers, create a vision and stay on course. We like to introduce pasture to others, so we host grazing events on a regular basis.